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Black Mesa Winery offers tastings,
glasses of wine, cider or beer-
and of course--bottles and cases!

Hours: 12:00 pm to 7:00 pm 
505- 852-2820 Ext 2

Live Music Farm Friday July 17 and 29 2024 Kit Kat club and Fenton.jpg

Update on Sola and her Leg!

Her splint has been removed. She has spent time outside with me. 

She has rolled in the dirt, walked the Labyrinth, and done general re-exploring in and around the TastingRoom. 

She is limping part time and gettiing used to putting weight on the leg.

She is due to go back to Gretchen on Saturday. If the leg has continued to heal, she will have more outdoor freedom next week, but sill limited so she doesn't accidentally re-injure the leg.

All her bills have been paid and the extra has been sent to Espanola Humane Shelter.

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Enjoy our Petroglyph Trail and renew your spirit walking our Labyrinth.

Come stay with US!

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